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Alinda Bedroom Sets 04

Product Details
Bed : 1800x2000x1520 (mm)
Bedside table : 580x400x620 (mm)
Dressing table : 1660x450x1800 (mm)
Six door closet : 2420x580x2300 (mm)
Eight door closet : 3200x580x2300 (mm)
Chest of drawers : 710x400x1110 (mm)


Q: Do you have more products or catalog ? A:  Yes! We do, please contact our sales for more information.   Q: Can we customize our products? A:  Yes! Color, material, size, packaging can be customized according to your requirements. Standard hot selling models will be shipped much

faster, though.   Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery? A:   Yes!All the goods are 100% test and inspected before delivery.    Strict quality control is carried throughout the whole production process, since wood selection, wood dry, wood assembly, upholstery,

painting, hardware to final goods.   Q: How do you guarantee your quality against wood cracking and warping ? A: Floating structure and strict moisture control 8-12 degree. We have professional kiln-dry and conditioning room at every workshop.  All the models are tested in house during sample development period before mass production.  

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