Refund policy

As a valued customer of Alinda decor Ltd, we would like to familiarise you with the terms and conditions to ensure that your experience is a satisfying one.

1. Ordering your products

Once an order has been accepted and signed as confirmation, no cancellation of that order will be valid. Store credit will be given only if the goods ordered specifically for you have not been manufactured.

2. Payment – Indent Order

For orders below USD 2000, full payment is required before manufacturing can be arranged.
For orders above USD 2000 , a minimum of 50% deposit is required. The balance shall be settled prior to delivery of the orders.

3. Payment – Ex-stock Order

Full payment is required upon confirmation.

4. Delivery of your products

Delivery dates are estimates only and we are unable to accept any liability for failure to deliver the products within the specified time resulting from manufacturing, shipment or delivery delays from our suppliers. Delivery times will be arranged with you in advance. If you are unable to accept delivery within 14 days from our first call, whatsapp message, text message or email based on the information stated in the invoice or the sales contract, the invoice must then be paid in full. Should there be no one available to accept delivery on the pre-arranged delivery date, you will be charged for transport and re-delivery costs

Our logistic team will work with you to ensure that there is adequate access and entry to your premises to allow delivery of the products. Any additional costs in relation to access issues into your premises, e.g. delivery by staircase will be your responsibility. For delivery of large and odd-sized items by staircase, a fee of level above 5th floor shall be charged. If it is not possible for the products to be delivered into your premises, the products will be returned to our warehouse and you will be invoiced for transport and re-delivery. In addition, the below storage charges will apply.
We reserve the right to make partial deliveries of any order and each part delivery shall constitute a separate contract in respect of the products delivered on the same condition as set out herein. At any point in time, a 50% deposit must be maintained for all undelivered goods. Failure to deliver all the products you have ordered shall not invalidate the contract as regards to any partial deliveries. All products will remain the property of Royal Fabrics Pte Ltd until payment is received in full and delivered fromAlinda decor Ltd premises. Should you be arranging your own delivery then the goods become your responsibility upon collection from Alinda decor Ltd premises.

We will provide one (1) free delivery to one (1) address for a minimum nett purchase of USD 1500 (for a Product or multiple Products). For a nett purchase of less than USD 1500 (for a Product or multiple Products) or if more than one (1) delivery is required, an additional transport fee of USD150.00 for each delivery (“the Transport Fee”) shall be payable by you.

5. Storage of your products

For indent items, storage of items is free for the first 4 weeks from the date of arrival in our warehouse. A monthly storage fee (See Table 1) shall be charged after the free storage period. For ex-stock items, storage of items is free for the first 12 weeks from the date of purchase. A monthly storage fee (See Table 1) shall be charged after the free storage period. Storage fees will be computed starting on the first day after the free storage period. Storage fees will be invoiced on a monthly basis until delivery has been completed. The storage fee shall be paid prior to delivery.

For Example Free Storage Period and Storage Fees


Free Storage Period

After Free Storage Period

Invoice value less than or equal to USD 1,7500.00

Invoice value above USD 1,750.00


4 weeks upon arrival in warehouse

USD 350.00 per month

2% of Invoice value per month


4 weeks from date of purchase

USD 350.00 per month

2% of Invoice value per month

6. Inspection of your products

You are required to inspect your products when you take delivery of them. You will be required to note any damage on the delivery documentation which is presented to you by our delivery team or by the designated delivery company for signature. In all other cases you will be required to notify us in writing at the point of delivery. We will not be liable for any damage to any of the products unless we are notified at the point of delivery.
Please note that scars and wrinkles are natural characteristics of leather and cannot be considered as defects. As for wood and marble which are natural materials, these too will vary and are considered part of the product and not a defect.

7. Your right to return products

Unless goods are faulty and we are duly notified as outlined above, we are unable to refund, exchange or credit your account.
Except otherwise agreed by us,

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