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Home decoration brands  Cornelio Cappellini

Home decoration brands Cornelio Cappellini


 Nationality: Italian Founded: 1950


           CORNELIO CAPPELLINI, often referred to as the Hermès of the furniture industry, epitomizes fashion, luxury, and high quality within the realm of furniture design. Established in 1950 and located in the Brianza district near Milan, CORNELIO CAPPELLINI's product range predominantly features chairs and furniture in Italian, English, and French styles from the 18th century. This brand masterfully inherits and perpetuates the traditional Rococo art form, incorporating shell shapes in many of its designs, leading to a style that is delicate, exquisite, and distinctively unique.

        CORNELIO CAPPELLINI stands as one of the most representative brands of the "Rococo" style, a testament to its enduring legacy and commitment to craftsmanship, elegance, and the fusion of traditional artistry with contemporary and bold design concepts. This combination of innovation with tradition ensures that each piece not only serves as functional furniture but also as a work of art, pushing the brand towards perfection and solidifying its status as a beacon of luxury in the furniture industry.

CORNELIO CAPPELLINI not only inherits classic styles in design but also perfectly blends contemporary design concepts and edgy flair to showcase a distinctive personality. It boldly uses high-end materials and furs, embedding rare metals, various gems, and crystals with pristine craftsmanship. CORNELIO CAPPELLINI interprets sublime beauty in a modern form.

As the most representative home decoration brand of the "Rococo style," CORNELIO CAPPELLINI stands out with its meticulous handcrafted production technology (especially the glass blowing technology of Murano Island and specific painting technology). The "Rococo style" is a legacy of "art" with rare high-end materials, unique curved shapes, the permanence of old craftsmanship, and the ultimate decoration of "fashion" elements, continually pushing CORNELIO CAPPELLINI towards perfection.

In every piece of CORNELIO CAPPELLINI furniture, we can find traces of Rococo - exquisite, delicately intricate, stimulating the senses on the surface. The structural lines of the shapes are gentle, soft, luxurious, and comfortable.

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